New Brighton, Pa

What is the "Brighton UP" Project?

Recently, a steering committee was formed for the purpose of creating The Brighton Up project, a civic organization that will focus on quality of life issues for the borough, low income families and others in need. The focus will be on beautifying the borough and on stabilizing and revitalizing borough neighborhoods. The aim is to create a clean, attractive, safe and supportive environment for all residents.


Dr. David Pietro (President) - Former Superintendent , New Brighton Area School District
Joshua Sheffield (Vice President)
Dr. Joseph Guarino (Treasurer) - Superintendent , New Brighton Area School District
Jordan Holaren (Secretary)
Monica Jones (Asst. Secretary)
Larry Morley (Asst. Treasurer) - New Brighton Borough Manager
Edward Young (Solicitor)
Rick Smith - Mayor, New Brighton
Ryan O'Shea

The initial goals of the committee are; define a vision, develop a plan, form action teams and seek funding. The first steps will include efforts in five broad categories. "TALK IT UP" ,"CLEAN IT UP" , “GREEN IT UP", "LIVE IT UP" AND "FIX IT UP." With each effort tied to the "Brighton UP" project. Every program will seek to improve quality of life issues in our community and make New Brighton a town where current residents are proud to live and home buyers seek to buy.

The initial efforts may include, but are not limited to the following:

"TALK IT UP" Market the project, create unity and partnerships, develop a website and Facebook page, create a logo and sinage that will be placed throughout town to foster interest and participation, etc.

"CLEAN IT UP" Organize clean up campaigns for vacant lots, downtown streetscape, infirmed property owners who need help, parks and playgrounds, community trash cans, dog litters stations etc.

"GREEN IT UP" Organize beautification projects such as: flower boxes in commercial areas, platings in parks and public places. Work with arts community for murals, sculptures. Host music and art exhibits in downtown etc.

"LIVE IT UP" Establish a central advisory for all community events through the community life committee at NB Boro. Post for all to see on website community bulletin board. Encourage block parties and downtown gatherings to bolster a sense of community and belonging.

"FIX IT UP" Develop a home repair program in conjunction with Hosanna Industries for income qualified home owners who need help, but can't afford home repairs. Work to build affordable new housing for income qualified families to utilize vacant lots and property as they are available. Establish a directory of services for various programs that are available to income qualified home owners. Actively seek and support first time buyers who purchase low value homes and would benefit from income qualified improvement repair programs. These programs are all dependent upon available grant funding and donations. Establish a means to secure grant funds for these programs that ultimately become less reliant on government grants.

The Brighton UP project is intended to be ongoing. We want anyone and everyone in the community to offer their time, skills and or resources to some improvement effort. Schools, churches, civic groups, sports groups and social clubs are encouraged to participate. You can propose your own project. Street level efforts within neighborhoods are strongly encouraged. We encourage all who are committed to our community to get involved. Just a little effort from everyone will make New Brighton someplace special for years to come.

Please get on board....Step UP and "Brighton UP"

Mayor Rick Smith
New Brighton, Pa