About Brighton up



Brighton Up is a civic organization focusing on improving quality of life issues in New Brighton, Pennsylvania. The focus will be on beautifying the borough and on stabilizing and revitalizing borough neighborhoods. The aim is to create a clean, attractive, safe and supportive environment for all residents.


Dr. Joseph Guarino (President)
Superintendent , New Brighton Area School District

Jordan Holaren (Vice President) 

Dr. David Pietro (Treasurer)
Former Superintendent , New Brighton Area School District

Ryan O'Shea (Secretary) 

Enrico Antonini


We seek to improve quality of life issues in our community and make New Brighton a town in which current residents are proud to live and home buyers seek to buy.

The initial efforts may include, but are not limited to the following:

"TALK IT UP" Market the project, create unity and partnerships, spread word throughout town to foster interest and participation, etc.

"CLEAN IT UP" Organize clean up campaigns for vacant lots, roads, downtown streetscape, parks and playgrounds, etc.

"GREEN IT UP" Organize beautification projects such as flower boxes in commercial areas and plantings in parks and public places. Work with arts community for murals and sculptures. We plan to host music and art exhibits downtown, etc.

"LIVE IT UP" Establish a central advisory for all community events through the community life committee at NB Borough. Post for all to see on website community bulletin board. Encourage block parties and downtown gatherings to bolster a sense of community and belonging.